eCommerce Development Case Study: How A Chocolates Selling Firm Got A High Profit Peak

In the emerging modern era, eCommerce is making its importance in every business sector and industry. It is one of the most vital components of business strategy.

Whether it is startups or small/ medium-sized businesses, companies are deciding to migrate from physical stores to online stores, where they can sell their products and earn a huge profit.

Ecommerce development is the way to optimize the business by boosting its online visibility and online presence.

So here I am sharing a success story of a chocolate store owner, who managed to get a huge amount of profit in his business.

A chocolate store manufacturing and selling flavored-rich chocolate had a small consumer base in Italy. Being a startup, the business was facing some monetary issues and wanted to convert their firm into a famous online chocolate store. The company manufactures chocolate with Italian, Belgium, roasted nuts, candies, flavored bars and many more varieties & sells it.

The company was looking forward to growing their business to peaks by transforming their physical shop to a well-known ecommerce store. The motive was to raise the number of online visitors, conversions, sales and branding. This became true when they hired a well-reputed custom eCommerce Development Company who has many years of experience in creating online stores on-demand.

After digging out, the firm Galaxy Weblinks Inc. has around 20 years of experience in developing online portals for the clients based on various technologies like Magneto, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc.

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. deeply went through each and every requirement the chocolate selling company was asking for and came up with a solution to build the online store consisting of online ordering capability, shopping cart, product catalogue, CMS, promotional and discount tools. Galaxy Weblinks Inc. developers are excellent with their work on every eCommerce platform.

They started developing the online store from the scratch and added more and more functionalities as they proceeded. Some of the basic to advanced features that were added in the store was:-

1- Product Catalogue

2- Shopping Cart Option

3- Easy-to-use checkout.

4- Reporting tools and custom report features.

5- Social media integration.

6- Mobile-Friendliness

7- Two-factor authentication & SSL certification

Apart from these, the analytics and SEO part was also taken into consideration. The website was tested thoroughly and optimized the SEO in terms of page loading speed, Meta Tags, CSS & HTML, CMS, etc.

Results -

After developing the store and its optimization, the chocolate business achieved a high peak in terms of profit, branding and users. It acquired around 57% hike in daily orders, 26% hike in users and branding. It was really good news for the company spreading its business across the country day by day.


If you are looking for something the same, hire Galaxy Weblinks Inc. eCommerce development team and see an immense growth in your business as never before.

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. has expertise in developing fully-featured eCommerce development solutions including - custom development, portal development, migration solutions, integration, support and consulting.

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