Shopify Case Study: Helped Jewellery Company Boost Sales By 45%

Shopify — is a well-known eCommerce development technology providing feature-rich applications and stores for the businesses and offers a great chance to earn profit, business revenue and growth, brand recognition, sales and leads.

Here I am sharing a case study of a Jewellery shop owner who somehow manages to get a good hike in revenue, sales and traffic growth for his business.

As we know the client has an online Shopify Jewellery store based in the USA selling custom jewelleries like- rings, pendants, necklaces, etc. The store majorly covers all the paush areas of Boston and a wide range of brands for both men and women.

The store was dealing with some losses for a few days in spite of having a branded Shopify store online. The reason was lack of customized features, which led to low traffic on the website.

To get rid of this issue they hired the best eCommerce development firm — Galaxy Weblinks Inc. They are expertised and experienced in creating custom Shopify web and app development solutions.

How Did Galaxy Weblinks Inc. Helped Them?

The well reputed eCommerce development company helped them in adding some more functionalities along with the filters of selecting age, discounted items, gender, price range which gave a new user-interface to the website.

Now, customers were also able to select the type of rings, color, size, materials, etc.

Apart from all these the Shopify experts have also optimized the theme, which was one of the main concerns of the website owner. They tried to recreate the entire website and made it more user-friendly for the users. They have also taken care of every major aspect of the website in terms of SEO too.

Immediate Increase in New Leads and Traffic -

Earlier, the website faced less number of visitors and sales. It was around 30–55 users only who visited the website with intention to purchase the items. The sales achieved rate was 35–42% per month which was a big concern.

The gradual increase here noticed by the company was due to the managed ecommerce functionalities and added integrations into the website. Now, the customers are able to easily find their desired items with smooth navigation, filter options, and product management.

What Were The results of All This Hard Work?

Earlier, customers were arriving at the website but were getting escaped very soon as they could not find the option to search their desired products.

But, now they have an immense experience of smooth navigation over the website and can easily search and purchase their products accordingly.

The eCommerce development company also performed ON Page as well as off-page SEO of the website which gave it a new way to grow and the resulting outcomes were unexpected. They saw a major growth in their business and achieved a high level of growth in terms of traffic, revenue, leads and genuine customers.

Results -

Here’s the statistics of tremendous growth in the client’s business-

  • 24% increased Click Through Rates.
  • 40% increased Website Loading speed.
  • 60% increased conversions and leads.
  • Out of 60%, 45% were actual customers(qualified leads).
  • 19.1% Open rates for black Friday sales.
  • 80% increased ROI & sales.
  • 50% increased website traffic.
  • 70% increased smooth navigation on websites with enhanced functionalities.

Few Words -

If you are also looking forward to an eCommerce customization or development agency, who can help you create a great milestone for your business in terms of sales and revenue. Then, like this shop owner you can also hire a professional eCommerce development company.

I would highly recommend you to go with “Galaxy Weblinks” as they deliver the best in the industry.

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